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OMNI 300 Channel Index: Ratings Distribution of 280 Formats of G-400 Retailers Operating E-Commerce Channel   


Retail MAXIM October 2014
“Suburban Channel Blowback.  Solidifying Market Share thru Premium Factory Outlets. The Next Disruptive Format”
Theme: Suburbanization of the factory outlet center (FOC)--next stage of evolution of a derivative channel as vehicle to solidify market share of dominant mall landlords  
Metrics: Supply & demand data of FOC tenants [retailers & manufacturer brands], tenant rent rolls of 67 premium outlets, credit ratings of FOC tenants rated by MAXIM Global 400 Watch List  

Retail MAXIM Sept-Aug 2014
“The X-GAMES. 2014 Inflection Point Takes the Turnaround to New X-treme Levels. Rating G-400 Risk Seven Types of Turnarounds.”
Theme: X-Games of extreme restructuring by a new breed of corporate “activist raiders” replacing “hostile” takeover of yesteryear under the guise of turnarounds while wildly inflating asset values [stocks & real estate]
Metrics: G-400 ratings of seven types of retail turnarounds

Retail MAXIM July 2014
‘360° Lifestyle Retailing. 4-Wall Productivity Upfront & Personal. Annual Store Productivity Survey of 500 Formats. Sales per Square Foot and Store Capacity 2005-2013”
Theme: 360° lifestyle retailing is a viable means to differentiate the B&M space and the new narrative in the age of social media that is very personal.  If retailers expect to grow store productivity in a marketplace of intensifying competition, programs to differentiate the shopping experience must get beyond prevailing price leading tactics and the latest quick fixes such as online in-store fulfillment and same-day delivery.
Metrics: Annual Store Productivity Survey of 500 Formats. [Sales per Square Foot and Store Capacity 2005-2013]

Retail MAXIM June 2014
“The Endless Aisle. Fulfillment Unbound in the Borderless Spatial Marketplace of U-Commerce. Assessing the E-Commerce Advantage thru the OMNI G-300 Channel Index.
Theme:  Debut of the new OMNI G-300 Index.  If the “world is one big shopping cart” under Ubiquitous Commerce. It’s also one “endless aisle” in the evolution of the OMNI-Channel Retailing paradigm where consumers now expect to have access to the complete inventory of the retailer and brand anywhere/ anytime.  Managing the digital aisle requires new modes of delivery and fulfillment that presently are designed around the infrastructure being developed to execute OMNI-Channel retailing.  At this stage, the next generation of fulfillment models are proving as idiosyncratic as the real estate they are being designed to scale, which thwarts any measure of standardization that normally produces meaningful metrics and benchmarks.  This month, MAXIM undertakes the highly ambitious exercise of rating the digital supply chain of credits on the G-400 that support an E-Commerce channel that is being used to scale B&M assets to effect an OMNI-Channel platform. 
Metrics: OMNI G-300 Channel Index. MAXIM’s new derivative index scoring the E-Commerce and digital supply chain of G-400 retailers

Retail MAXIM May 2014
“Smart (ing) Space.  The New Real Estate Play in the Internet of All Things.” [G-400 Credits Possessing a Real Estate Advantage in Transition from E-Commerce to U-Commerce]
Theme: Digital has changed the retail narrative” but not at the expense of the bricks & mortar channel. Real estate has become central in the current structural shift from the singularity of E-Commerce to the multiplicity of U-Commerce (“Ubiquitous Commerce)
Metrics: G-400 Credits Possessing a Real Estate Advantage in the Transition from E-Commerce to U-Commerce

MAX-SI Spatial Index 2014/Q2
Theme: “Surge & Purge 2014” replaces “Purge & Merge 2013” 
Metrics: Leading indicator of supply pipeline data [existing capacity and new detailing openings, closings, remodels and new format innovation] compared against lagging metrics [B&M sales comps and OMNI-Channel Sales (blended B&M comps and E-Commerce channel sales)


MAX-SI Spatial Index 2014/Q1
Theme: Off the Cliff. Decade of Subpar Growth Turns Sub-linear Four-Years into Economic Recovery